The Hero's of Light

Kobold Hall

The great all must start somewhere and for this rag tag band of adventure’s this place was the Kobold Hall.

The Lord Warden of Fallcrest had enough of the kobold raids on the King's Road, he hired the band to head to the hall some 15 miles outside of the city. The fallen manor had because a hideout for the small thieves. With promise of reward the band marched with excitement to the hall to clear it out and claim the reward. Zamphyre Vorgan, a drow with a chip on his shoulder, and a powerful array of magic at his command. Elige a mysterious Deva with a deep secret, and a love for the Raven Queen. Athena Mirna a devout priestess of Bahamut, who's only goal is to build a temple to pay respect and spread the word of her god. Tordek a gruff dwarf paladin that is trying to repent for a life of crime. Thorin, a young dwarf that is as strong in body as he is at heart, charging head long into what ever battle in sues. Last but not least, the mighty Grune as big as a mountain, strong as a ogre, and as fast as lightning. 
Together they sought to gain a charter, and become adventure's. The only thing between them and a large reward was a troop of kobolds. Hacking and slashing through the kobolds as if they were nothing more than training dummies the band found themselves standing in front of a young white dragon. As the back ready to destroy the evil beast, a man clad in armor as black as the abyss itself slew the beast, the man's name is Dante. A warrior of Orcus. The Hero's spared no mercy for this evil man, dispatching him as easy as the kobolds before. Elige summoned her angel of fire in a great spectacle of her reward, for devotion to her god. 
With the mask of the chief the group returned to Fallcrest, The Hero's of Kobold hall, but this pack has bigger plans. Plans that will change the very face of Centhi forever.

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